Church Rankings










Church Rankings

Blessed Grand Father / Mother

A Blessed Grand Father or Mother is in charge of their entire Providence. Every Church within the Providence confers to their superiority. Very rarely will a Blessed Grand Father or Mother travel outside of the Grand Church. Instead, they use the Hands of the Blessed Grand Father / Mother to send their words.

Hands of the Blessed Grand Father / Mother

Specially appointed by the Blessed Grand Father or Mother, they serve as their ears, mouths, and hands. They spend most of their time attending the Blessed Grand Father or Mother. They are sent out on missions, to pass along communication between the Churches, or anything that the Blessed Grand Father or Mother wishes.

Blessed Mother / Father

A Blessed Mother or Father is in chage of a single Church and all of it’s flock. They oversee all of the lands covered by the Church.

Blessed Brother / Sister

After having passed the test of the Novice, and having received His divine gift, a person becomes a Blessed. They preach, minister, and provide services to their flock.


A Novice has been selected amongst the Candidates. They are taught to read and write and perform numerous duties for their Church. They must pass a final test before becoming a Blessed Brother or Sister. They must be accepted by His eyes, if they are not, they are deemed to be Corrupted and must be cleansed.


The brightest and the most loyal members of the flock are selected to become Candidates. If they serve the Church faithfully they will become Novices.


Everyone who lives within the lands governed by the Church.

Church Rankings

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